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Engine Oil

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Sounds like a stupid question, But they come out with new oil's all the time. What are people running and what kind of luck are you having with it. Thanks
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i use semi synthetic 20w-50 yamalube. ive never had any problems. you could probably do a search on the forum and find more information.
I use spectro 10w-40 semi synthetic, mainly because my dealers don't carry amsoil, but I've had good luck so far with it!
Amsoil 10w 40 in the YFZ. Amsoil Dominator and Severe gear in the Blaster.
Motul 10w40 synthetic
Just wanted to add that you should all be using oil specifically made for wet clutches.
Amsoil 0W-40 here. Safe for wet clutches and designed to be used in ATVs
Lucas Oil 10-30W, made for-from racing engines to lil 4 bangers! lol

Havent had a problem yet, awesome name and very trustable product.
maxima 10w40 100% ester based synthetic works great!!
I've ran Rotella Syn in my Raptor 660 for about 2 years. Been running it in my YFZ 450 for about a year. Been running it in my 600RR for about 2 years and approx 8k miles. Its like clock work that after one track day on the 600RR my shifting gets kinda crunchy. I change it and it goes back to good shifting. I can put 100 miles or 1500 miles and its decent shifting. One track day and it goes crunchy.

I'm now on Amsoil MC 10w40 Synthetic. I'll try to remember this thread after my next track day to post up wether shifting holds up. Shifting is no lab analysis but its what I got.

My $.02
Mobil 1 racing 4T full synthetic 10w-40. I've been running it for 2 years now. I 've had no problem since I switched and still on the same clutch.
belray thumper 10w40
going for a ride today, its 45 degrees out, wheeler has 10-30 in it, should i be ok? whish me luck, this is going to be my first ride on my first YFZ 450!! Had her for 2 months now but finally have the chance to ride it today! so excited, but i wanna hear from you guys first otherwise i will change to a thicker oil. I put 10- 30 in because of the colder temp, will i be safe?
I am in northern Indiana cool here to. I am running 10w30 you will be just fine be safe and have fun. That yfz is going to keep you on your toes lol.
Amsoil 20w-50.. Fully Synthetic : )
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