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will blaster elka shocks fit an 04 yfz
they mesure in at 16in
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no, the angles, length, ratios and lengths of a arms are so different that you would have a far worse ride then the stock yfz shocks. besides most elkas are trash anyway.
o ok thanks...
well wat shocks do u ride with???
i was thinking about getting fox floats but dont know where to get them for a low price...
Elkas are not garbage, there are just tons of haters out there,
I have heard Fox is terrible and the best, elka is terrible/best, Axis is a ripoff/the best. etc.etc.

They are all mainly the same things? Besides the air shocks like Axis pro air and fox floats.. But even those have there downs.
Want to hear the truth? whether you choose axis/elka/fox/PEP/motowoz.. Those are all going to be better or worse from the factory. But you will only get the best IF THEY ARE SET-UP PERFECTLY. Have to be freshed and valved right, sprung right, right extended and compressed length(correct travel) .. oil/nitrogen.. everything goes into play.. And being that every single shock manufacturer and even people who just do services have their own custom valving usually. You never know which is better or worse because there is too much that goes into play.. People think if they get fox floats that are 18.5" they will all be the same.. They could not be more wrong. I mean eibach and hyperco make all the damn springs.. I think ohlins may.. But you get what i'm saying in this? :blahblah: Get whatever you want, and just make sure they are set-up perfectly and you will be satisfied.. And no I am not biased, because I don't even have elka. But have had 2 sets of the elites before. I am just speaking from personal experience..
But yes I would stay away from the blaster shocks.. Your stock YFZ shocks are far better.
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I didn't say all elkas are trash. I have ridden a couple different sets and there is a huge difference between their $750 lines and there $1500+ lines. In the under a grand classification there are companies that make far better products than elka. And they are not all mainly the same things.... Some use valves, some use check balls, different shims and sizes of shims can make a difference. the ability to adjust and the range of adjustment on compression and rebound varies greatly by manufacture and lines within manufacturers.

Air shocks are also not for everyone. and maintenance does have a lot to do with the quality of ride, and I think that most would agree if your going to buy a new inexpensive shock look to other places than elka, or buy some really cheap used high end elkas and have them built to your specs.
Who makes good sub 1K shocks? Opinions are welcome.
Race Tech and Motowoz are two sub $1K shocks that I would consider long before a Sub $1k set of elkas. Or I would hunt down a set of USED Axis, Pep, Fox, or Elka Elites (or Nicer model) for about $650 to $800 and have them entirely rebuilt by Race Tech for what I needed them to be.
Race tech and Josh Boykin are both the big suspension building companies here in California.. I don't know how widespread boykin in around the rest of the country being he is only 45 minutes away from me.. Racetech is very far from me and is pretty well knownf.. But both build perfection.
They both charge pretty much the same exact prices which is high in my opinion, but you will get a mean shock. :icon_cool:

But yes just be very careful if you buy used because Orgon duner is right you can save money and get the whole thing rebuilt, but if you end up like me and the shock is completely wrong and you buy only based on the common extended length of a LT shock 18.25"-18.5" or whatever, that is a small fraction of what is needed to be set-up correct.
If you do buy used and you don't want to go to Axis or whatever company or shock you buy then here ya go.
I bought my LT axis shocks and am getting the whole damn thing rebuilt because of how off everything is.

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I run WER 18" LT shocks on one of my YFZ's with Gibson arms and it's a hell of a setup, the suspension really works hard. On my other YFZ i have Elka Elites Quad Rate fronts and Elka Dual Rate rear. No complaints out of either, both sets are top notch.
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