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Elka, Hmf, And Stock Parts

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I'm selling these parts because I am rebuilding my quad and have different sponsors for the '09 season so i don't need these parts anymore. The prices are with shipping. I have pics but i can't get them to upload on here for me so just give me your email address and i will send them to you that way. Will do package deals!

rear elka dual rate springs, compression and rebound adjustable, and elka linkage - ($600)SOLD

Full HMF sport series exhaust system, silencer is blue, comes with quiet core, has typical couple scratches and minor dent from caliper - ($350)

2-stock '04 swing arms with good carriers ($150)

stock '05 swing arm repaired no carrier ($50)

stock '04 steering stem ($50)SOLD

DG rear grab bar ($30)

set of stock tirods with ends ($20)

2-stock bumpers ($20/bumper)

set of stock pegs ($40)

stock front fender bracket ($15)

stock heal guards never used ($50)

stock heat sheild for under gas tank ($10)

stock silencer never used ($60)

stock head pipe ($50)

stock rear shock for 04/05 ($100)

stock linkage and pullrod for 04/05 ($40)
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Anybody??? If you don't like the price make an offer.
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