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Here's a list of stuff for sale. Not sure on prices but hit me up if you're interested in a part and we can work something out. I also have a list of parts that Im in need of. Im checking interest and if I can sell enough or trade for parts I need Ill get rid of them. I dont wanna have 1/2 drag bike 1/2 mx bike. Thanks. -Mike

[email protected]

For sale or trade:
-Stock frame lightened w/ mounts for carbon hood, Honda red.
-Stock subframe, Honda red
-Lonestar +8 3/4 swinger, Satin black, with sliders
-Lonestar Drag axle with Sprocket hub, brake rotor hub, axle locknut.
-Lonestar 1 piece stem/bar combo, Satin black
-Lonestar 3 spoke rear hubs (will go with axle if buyer of axle wants hubs)
-Direct drive spindle mount fronts
-Skat Trak 20" smooth fronts
-Skat Trak 22" rear Haulers
-Lonestar cut rear wheels for 3 spoke hubs
-Chain for +8 swingarm
-Steel braided brake line for +8 swingarm
-Stock spindles cut for no front brakes
-Lonestar +2 standard bottom a arms with custom top a arms. Lonestar tie rods.
-Fox Float fronts

-LSR DC4 +2 aarms
-LSR Axcaliber axle
-LSR Stem with overside anti vibe clamp
-LSR stock length swingarm round
-Douglas or Hiper rear beadlocks
-Douglas 4:1 fronts or Hiper
-Stock Frame
-Stock spindles
-Front brake calipers
-Wave front rotors
-Tag T2 or Flexx bars
-Stock length chain
-Front +2 braided brake lines
-Rear braided brake line
-etc etc....

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