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Cutting Yoshimura (shorty)

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i have a yoshimura exhaust sitting around in my shop that....well lets just say its had better days(old friend got it for free and knew that i would definiatly take it off his hands) and i thought it would be cool to cut it and make it a short exhaust about 9 inches i guess, is there anything i should look out for? any tips? should i keep it packed?

sorry if this is a dumb question
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i dont have any tips, just make sure the cut is square. i would use a cut off saw. and yes, keep it packed. packing helps exhaust flow which leads to power.
the only tip I have is dont do it. I did this to a yoshi and it ruined the pipe. It was an all around noticeable power loss, the quad was a w00ter to jet, and it was obnoxiously loud.
i think it would be cool, what style? RS-3 oval? new style?
yeah i dont know jetting a yoshi in its normal form is a PITA so i could imagine what a headache making it a short would be trying to jet it haha

good luck with that tho
it might look pretty cool but i dont think it would help much! i want to do it to my stocker though! :mhihi:
It was a older TRS tri oval design with the titanium header.
it was the older tri version

its just the silencer, no header

when i get a new full exhaust can i cut the stocker?

they have some dude on here with his cut and he said he felt an inprovement

i thought it would be fun to do and its pretty cool looking
my stocker is cut right now but i havent got it welded yet. Completely straight thru. Can post pics if you want
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