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Crashed (steerin Stem)

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i was over at vmp and crashed. im pretty sure i need a new steering stem. i have glanced around at prices and they are more than i thought lol. any more ideas on where i can get one for an 07?
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i talked to him and he said the 04-05 were shorter than the 06 and up
aah, sorry, i thought they were all the same =(
just need to find a place to get a new/used (good one) for my bike 07 se


I dont know what you consider "cheap" but here are a few.

you could also post in the wanted forum.
the bottom one says 07 in the title but further down it says 06 AND 08. i was on ebay and found a lot. i think thats gonna be my best bet. just dont know what years are the same as the 07 or if the raptor steering is the same as the yfz
yeah, i was confused about the raptor and the YFZ listing too. :strokin:
lol ya. just have to keep looking, thanks for your help though!
06->08 are the same.

04-05 will work in the 07 but will be a little lower.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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