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Hey all.
Ive got a 2017 yfz 450 with 52 hours on it. 15 or so hours on the rebuild.
I’ve got a big 3 kit on it.
Ever since I got my rebuild it’s had a slight leak coming from crank case breather. I’ve changed the oil 3 times since the rebuild.( I change the oil after every trip.)
Now the leak has become more substantial after my last ride and oil change I put a cup under it to catch any oil and it’s leaked 3/4s of a cup of oil out. So it’s become quite significant.
That being said has anyone ever had something like this happen? I’m assuming the rings on the piston got lined up when it was rebuilt causing it to have blow by? I’m no mechanic but that’s all I can think of. Any insight would be dope.
Thanks for reading.
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