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I bought a SenDec hour meter for my YFZ and it doesn't work. I tried everything.
Its suposed to be whats called inductive. That mean all I have to do is wrap the wire to the meter around the spark plug wire and it should work. It doesn't work. I stripped the insulation off of meter wire and it still doesn't work.

I disconnected the spark plug wire from the plug and then turned the engine over and guess what? The dam meter started to flash like its suposed to when the engine runs.
Well it only works when the wire isn't connected to the spark plug. A lot of good this will do.

Anyone have a solution?

By the way SenDec now has a new meter on the market that is activated by vibration so there isn't any wiring, only its $100 which I don't want to pay. I wonder if this one will actually work?
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