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Cost Of Engine Rebuild?

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I just had a price done my my local shop to replace crank and piston timing chain all new seals and bearings for 1600 does that sound like a ok deal labor is included in that price
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That sounds a little high to me, you could do it yourself for way cheaper if you get a service manual.
to simply rebuild my engine which i'mn currently in the process of this is what i spent..

06 crank--200
cp piston 13.5:1--200
gasket kit-- 85
valve shim kit--85
shift forks, timing chain, rebuild water pump acc. -200
internal bearings(crank, tranny (4) shift drum)- 240

total for that = 1000

i also had my carb bored for 150 and replaced things that most people wouldnt bother. however i know the weak points in the tranny are the shift forks so i figured i'd replace them while i was in it.. so in total probably about 1200 when all said and done... i think ct charges 500 just to rip the motor down...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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