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I need help I have a 2020 yfz450r i am having coolant problems. I’ve changed it before have done all required steps losen the bolt with cooper wash let coolant leak out open radiator cap and continue draining and then put bolt back in added coolant let bike run until no air in the system but this time around when I let the bike run it’s Over flowing coolant out and then it’s sucking it back in the radiator and then it’s flowing out again spilling a very large amount of coolant. So I kept adding coolant and doing the process all over again and it continues to suck all coolant back in the radiator and over flowing and fans kick in right away which means system is super hot which that has never happened either I wish I could upload a video so you guys can see what’s going on I will screen shot some images from video to see if anyone can assist in the picture you can see the amount of coolant just over flowing I don’t think this is normal idk if it’s because I don’t have radiator cap on but like I said i have done this process before to make sure no air is in the system and never had this happen

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