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Coolant Problems

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sup guys? I replaced the head gasket and tourqued everything to spec with the manual. everytime i ride i loose like half the radiator fluid inside the radiator itself. I could fill the entire coolent up and even the overflow and the coolant still disapears. The oil looks fine inside the case, no milky oil, only milky oil in that overflow black box (which from what i've been reading its saposed to be there?) I replaced both the head and the base gasket. Any ideas? There is no white smoke nor is there coolent spitting out of the exaust. Also the head looks fine from looking outside at the gaskets. I really dont think it has to do with them. I dont see any leaks either?? nothing on the rear arm or fenders.... this has been an on going problem...
i have been looking through the site for a day or two now and nothing has helped me out.

anything will be helpful thanks!


got it going thanks
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Try checking your hoses, clamps, etc. I dont know what to tell you I've never heard of that
i think you problem is that head is warped a little bit. we have had this prob on a couple of quads we have. you need to take the head to a machineshop and have them mill the head a little bit and replace the head gasket. It took us a while to figure this out because when we did a leak-down check we never could get any air into the coolent side but as soon as we rode it for about 10-20 min it would preasurize the coolent system and blow the coolent out of the overflow bottle at the back of the quad.
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