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Coolant Inner Cooler Lines

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I am curious if they REALLY do the trick. I've been running billet 20 fin inner cooler lines on both sides.. one going from the Radiator into the water pump and the other running out of the engine. My main question of course is do they really work? They state that they maintain roughly 10% cooler temps.... but I've always wondered if that is entirely true. I assume its possible to also pick up engine and exhaust header temps too? I also run an over sized PWR radiator so I do know that my temps are low as it is. I bought blue CV4 hoses to match the color scheme i'm doing right now but am having a hard time justifying cutting them up to go with the billet cooler lines.... or If I should ditch the billet cooler lines all together.

What do you guys think?

Here's a few pictures:

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