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Confirm jetting for 2007 YFZ

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Hey guys,

So first I'll say that I've read through the stickys on Jetting so I've been doing my research.

I have a 2007 YFZ with a stock exhaust with no baffle and full velocity intake with outerwear. I just added the velocity intake and now the bike runs like crap and shuts off unless I'm giving it gas. This means it's lean, right? I tried messing with air screw and black knob for a while and it helped a little but still struggled and bogged.

I'm around 1100 feet elevation in central mass and it's the winter so temps fall below 30. I bought a JD jetting kit and an air fuel screw. So far I've come up with the following from doing my research: JD blue needle at #3 clip, 168main 45pilot 2 1/2 turns mixture screw. I won't be working on the quad till next weekend so I wanted to see if you guys would suggest trying another setting as well based on my elevation and with it being winter.

I also have a 2005 that is stroked to a 480 but need to do some work to it. This one has an HMF full exhaust. What Jetting would I need if I were to put the HMF temporarily on the 2007?
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