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Compression Plug Popped Out

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Well Basicly my compression plug from the head popped out and I did catch it right away but could not find it. Now I killed the quad right away and went to a local yamaha dealer and the did have 1. I put it back in but the machine seems to be getting alot hotter and I can also smell coolant being burned. We hosed off all the oil on it that spit out but it seems something else is wrong.

The quad is bone stock down to the filter with appox 30 hours on it its a 04 YFZ 450

It still has power and runs good but the motor seems to be slightly louder then it used to me

Anyone have any ideas why it may be getting alot hotter then normal and why it smells like its burning coolant but you cant see where its coming from it just seems like its coming from the head/header

Sorry for the crappy details but its all I have for now. I hope I didnt hurt the motor and thats why the plug popped out

Thanks guys

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wow thanks for the help guys. Im kind of a noob as all ive had was 2 strokes so this is new to me
Can i get some more info from you? check your oil tell me if it's cream color,also check your pipe see if it's blowing coolant out of it. And last one check collant level in the radiator.
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