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One of the best handling and ergonomic upgrades I made to my YFZ. Improve the cornering of your YFZ with the much improved YFZR rear fender and seat. The YFZR rear fender well is pushed back further than the regular YFZ and the seat is shaped better which allows for better and more comfortable body positioning while cornering. If you corner hard with your YFZ, you know that the rear fender well gets in the way and forces you to position your body up further while cornering. This is uncomfortable and a less desirable position as it takes weight off the rear wheels where you need it for traction. Hitting a hole mid corner is also not quite literally a pain in the ass like with the regular YFZ rear fender and seat. A huge improvement overall.

Since I am selling my quad in stock form, this is a rare opportunity to get a bolt on upgrade that was meticulously crafted and looks about factory. All of the parts included are needed and are as follows:

1) Rear fender- I bought this new and it has only been ridden maybe six times and is in excellent condition with no stress marks or scratches (except superficial very light ones from normal handling)

2) Radiator shrouds- Necessary as the stock ones need to be modified.

3) Seat- Customized YFZR seat pan to work with YFZ front plastics. Foam was shaved to further lower riding position/ center of gravity to further improve handling.

4) YFZR Grab Bar- Needed as YFZ grab bar will not work.

5) Nerf Bars- Needed as rear fender mounts were moved and re-welded to make a nice factory installation and have the ability to bolt the rear fender to the back of the nerf bars so they don't flop around.

6) Hardware- Couple pieces of hardware that are needed are included. Your stock bolts are utilized for most of it.

Take the whole setup for $600 with free shipping. Please keep in mind that I will be spending good money to ship this because of large parts like the fender and nerf bars.

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