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Hey chrisc. I have both a Raptor(03) and a YFZ...and I have ridden un-corked z 400's...The YFZ does everything better. Somethings alot better. Some a little better.

It really depends on what type of riding you look to do. If your all trail riding, the YFZ wins but it's not as large a margin as it will be on the track.

On trails I think the Z 400 handles ok, has ok, but not impressive power. The Raptor has great torque...which is exaggerated because it like to wheelie.

The Raptor is hard to wrestle on a track. It's tippy and jumps real squirrley. It's like taking Playdough to a knife fight. It's not meant to do that type of riding without some mods. (I have over $5000 in MX oriented mods on my Raptor.)

A YFZ should be anyones choice because it is truly the superior product. Is it worth a few more bucks over a Z 400 ...that's up to you and how serious you are about riding.

If your like most of us on this site, you'd pay twice as much and give up half your sack before you'd be caught dead on a Z400! :rock
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