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Clutchless After First?

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k so I just want to clarify that it is ok on my 05 YFZ to not use the clutch when shifting after first. Is this true? Does it wear on the clutch at all. Because I know since ill be racing, I will start in second and then want a quick shift to third.
let me know
thanks guys
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You'll be fine. I just cut the gas a hair as I hit the shifter.
^same here

You have a wet clutch so you are perfectly fine shifting without using the clutch. Just don't jam it in gear. You have to let off the gas a lil bit and just click it up. As far as downshifting it can be done too. It takes a lil more practice though.
little rough on shift forks but not terrible
ok yea, for the past 3 years i've used the clucth at all times and now that I'm racing I talked to my buddy who races and see said its all good to go cluctchless, I just needed to clarify with you guys (experts)...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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