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Clutch Drag On The Yfz 450. How To Spot The Problem?

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I just recently bought another yfz 450 after mine got stolen.. its an 05.. i think it has a cam mod.. and an hmf exhaust.. the first day i got it.. i was soo eagr to ride the damn thing.. i jumped on it.. drove it around for a while.. it ran strong.. well then i drove threw some water.. unfortunately the airbox little plug wasnt even on the bike.. water and sand went all threw my airbox.. i took the yfz home... tore off the carb.. took it apart.. cleaned allll the sand out of the carb.. put it all back togeather.. and forgot how many turns to put the air/fuel mixture screw in.. (so maybe that has something to do with this) anyways.. i put it all back togeather.. fired up right away.. drove it around the block.. ran good.. i got it home .. and when i went too put it in nuetral.. it was Reallly rough.. took like 2 minutes to get in nuetral.. i shut the bike off.. and rode it later that day.. and it was fine.. (but it is backfireing and running kinda w00terty now) .. today i started it up.. and went for a ride.. after about.. 15 minutes.. it was like the clutch wasnt disengaging.. i mean i could pull out and everything.. but i couldnt even pull up a wheelie.. it was like.. the RPM's were reving up but the bike wouldnt go faster.. almost seemed like i was peeling out.. rode it too a friends house... (couldnt get it into nuetral) let the bike sit for like 2 hours... started it up... and it ran fine.. was able too doo wheelies and everything... but after about 15 minutes... the same w00ter... any suggestions?? ive searched all over the internet.. and all threw these forums.. no one seems too have had the same problem
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I been having the same problem getting into neutral sometimes and have no idea either what the problem is, but the reving up and not going faster, almost like a burnout, is definately your clutch slipping
so should i replace the clutch? anyway to be sure?? any quick fix?? could i clean it out??
whats a good clutch for just easy riding??
if you want a cheap clutch get a tusk from rockymountainatv.com

50$ I Bought mine as a temporary fix, but it seems to be holding up good to some hard mx riding.

You live in houston, do you ever go ride three palms?
yea 45 and 242.. ive rode there once.. i ussually ride the river right behind it tho... too ride there they make u have nerf bars.. and a kill switch i think.. its like in the woodlands/ conroe.. i acctually live two minutes from there.. i stay off rayford sawdust and 45.. soo im litterally two exits away.. hey if i get a clutch kit... what else doo i need too buy .. gasket? and what about a clutch case? or whatever it is... were doo you ride?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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