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Cleaning/polishing Axle And Nerfbars

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im sure everyone has problems with their axle. hoe do u clean it so it looks nice and new lol

and my nerfs are somewhat the same thing. and with hi pressure dirt stains still dont come off i ahve to wipe it no biggie,but wd40 cant make them look shiny. they look all faded and scratched and they are brand new
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my brother and i have had great success with mother's powerball for metal polishing.
will go look for some at the local auto parts store
I used some fine sand paper, 1500-2000. Then used simi-chrome to polish it. Looks like an aftermarket axle when I get done...... You can find simi chrome at most shops, Harley shops almost always have it .
i use mothers aluminum polish.
mothers aluminum polish + mothers powerball for metal polishing = epic success
sand paper + simi chrome + old towel + sweat = super ultimate tremendous success!

That's like four or five times better than just epic success so don't even try to top that...
i use mothers aluminum polish for nerfs and bumpers, lever that stuff but never thought of it for the axle?
Powdercoat the nerfs :icon_cool:, never have to worry about polishing them again.
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what is simi chrome?[/b]

Simichrome is the finest all metal polish in the world.

powder coat rubs off and scratche sand looks like crap after a while
Take a scotch brite and go over the rear axle first. then move to something like 1200-1500 grit sandpaper and wetsand it. Use a polish with abrasives in it first, then use either the Mothers or lightning Polish. The lightning comes from most paint shops and it comes in a yellow bottle. I do alot of metal polishing. Also you can use a buffer with one of the polishes. Most of the time the good Ole elbow grease works the best though.
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powder coat rubs off and scratche sand looks like crap after a while[/b]
That is true, it can eventually look like crap. That's the nice thing about powder coating being so cheap though, you can keep having it done if that's what you really want. Also, if you have any areas that are powdered on your quad that keep getting scratched in the same spots, look into clear racers tape. Keeps the powder coat perfect and once it gets all scratched up and beat up, you can just tear it off and put a new layer on. I know Motosport sells it (maybe even a site sponsor would have some for a discount).
+1 but in the woods minw would look like crap
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