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Cheapest Nerf Bars For The R?d

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does anyone know where I can get the cheapest nerfs possible for my R? My gytrs are on backorder and with the first race coming up next weekend I need some now. The cheapest ones I have found are AC's on ebay for 160. If anyone knows where I can get some cheaper let me know, thanks!
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I doubt you'll find any cheaper than that. That's pretty cheap.
Yes it is
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Yes it is[/b]
If i didn't want the full peg setup and all i'd go with the ac's. they make a decently priced (free shipping on their website) and it fits around the stock pegs and angle guards. I want to get something different possibly because the stock guards seem to hold mud very good. haha
Go to a local shop and find some used AC nerf bars for an LTR. You'll have to make a small bracket to attach the front, but its cheap and easy! Mine have lasted since I got the R. Cost me $50, and if I ever get my Rath's I'll have a nice back up set.

Best pic I have:
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