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Changing the Pilot or Main Jet

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Ok, you want to rejet and change the PILOT or Main Jet?!

You do NOT have to remove the carburetor, but we did so for the pictures, ok?

This isn't rocket science. All you have to do is TURN OFF YOUR GAS so you don't get gas flooding the garage!

If you get a fire you can't ride your quad!

So put a rag under the carb to soak up gas that WILL SPILL OUT of the carb.

Loosen the hex nuts that hold the carb to the air filter box, and to the motor, and rotate the carb so the bottom is toward you.

You can remove the hex nut on the bottom releasing a few tablespoons of gas, and then you can change the jets.

Unscrew the cover SCREW on the bottom, unscrew the jet and replace the jets you need to replace!


Very easy.

Replace the cover after making sure there is no dirt on it.

We took our carb OFF the quad so we could get pictures...

YOU DONT HAVE TO take off the float bowl to get at the main jet and Pilot jet!

THIS IS THE BOTTOM OF THE CARB, ours is black, yours is probably silver, like aluminum.

There is the HEX NUT!

Ok, get a wrench! This is easy...

AH! The hex nut is off!

And you see TWO JETS INSIDE!

The one on top inside tucked away is the pilot jet.

The bigger one that sticks out is the main jet.

See? The bigger one is the main jet.

The smaller one up inside is the pilot jet.


But you don't have to take off the float bowl, so don't!

Notice when you take the float bowl off, you see one more jet!

This is the STARTER ET that is normally a 90, and is for the choke circuit. We changed ours to a 110.

We think the choke works good now.

Now, you see the main jet? And right ABOVE THAT at 12 oclock is the PILOT JET?

Well the little screw that is 12 oclock above the pilot jet is the AIRSCREW!

YES, that is where the airscrew is at.

Now you know.

So, lets put the bowl back on, since you should NEVER have to remove the float bowl! You only invite damage to the delicate floats.

NOW, the bowl is back on!

But notice the MAIN JET?

Now the PILOT JET?

Now above that, AMAZING!

YOU CAN STILL SEE THE AIRSCREW even with the float bowl on!

And you can still adjust it!

(It should be at all the way clockwise till it stops, then counterclockwise 1.5 turns).

That means one COMPLETE turn counterclockwise, then one HALF a turn counterclockwise.

So lets put the hex nut back in!


That is all there is to this carburetor.

How easy can it get?
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