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I have a yfz 450 and I am having problems. When I dump the gas the bike bogs out and almost stalls. I got a stock carb with a bosen quick shot bowl on it. I have a GYTR Full exhaust, GYTR jet Kit, and foam airfilter. Any ideas. If you think it is the carb setting which jets, airfuel turn and needle position do you recommend. I am at sea level and it is around 50-60 degrees know.
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you bike is about to blow up, I suggest a complete rebuild.

Oh and when you rebuild it use all KTM internal motor parts
sigh... this again.

i would sell the bike immediately, you have bad muffler bearings.

this is a problem that many, if not all YFZs have from the factory and is referred to as "the bog"

search this forums and there are well over 1000 posts about it.

It goes threw the gear fine it only acts up when you go from not gas to full throttle fast(dumping). If I give it gas slower it runs strong. Why did you say it is about to blow up.
that was a joke, its absolutely fine. just take an hour or so to fix it. the accelerator pumps have a problem, follow my link or use the search tool. its a nifty thing.
its a virus that these bikes catch, especially if you use gas instead of diesel.

A good way to see if yours is infected is to check the oil, if its rainbow colored your are definately about to blow it up.

If its black then your quad isnt infected yet, but I highly recommend getting the vaccination, its cheap and very effective.
I will check it out thx
what are you checking out?
QUOTE (Gnut32 @ Mar 23 2009, 06:55 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=761201
I will check it out thx[/b]
Lol dude dont listen to anything i say lmao

look into the link joester posted. That should fix your problem
i hope hes not checking his oil... or his gas... or his muffler bearings.

hes ordering the vaccination.
Im the only person who sells the vaccination so I will stop him before he makes a mistake
are you sure no one has bought it and duplicated it? he could find a dealer on the streets.
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