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Damb... :angry:

For Release: February 5, 2004
Contact: Mike Ahrens (760) 252-6047; Stephen M. Razo (909) 697-5217

BLM to Implement Pilot Fee Program at Dumont Dunes

In an effort to meet increasing demands for services and facility improvements, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will implement a pilot Recreation Fee Demonstration Program at Dumont Dunes, a popular off highway vehicle (OHV) recreation area north of Baker. Other OHV areas in the region will not be affected but will remain under consideration for fees in the future.

Funds collected through the fee program will be used at Dumont Dunes to support and enhance recreation services which include increased maintenance of the access road, additional toilet facilities, enhanced and increased medical aid equipment and staffing, and increased law enforcement.

To kick off the pilot fee program, fees will only be required on President's Day and Easter weekends. The fee is $20.00 per primary vehicle and/or camp site when purchased onsite at Dumont Dunes or $18 if purchased in advance from BLM or online. The Barstow Field Office is located at 2601 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA and the online site is ThePermitStore.com. Over the next few months, BLM will analyze data and feedback in preparation of implementing the fee demo program for the new season beginning in October 2004.

"Visitation at Dumont Dunes has been steadily increasing," said Linda Hansen, California Desert district manager. "The fees are necessary to offset projected budget reductions and ensure that BLM continues to provide quality services for our visitors."

Congress authorized BLM to initiate the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program in 1996 in order to keep pace with the rising costs of managing recreation sites. The Act (PL 104-134) further designated the California Desert District as a fee demonstration collection site.

"BLM has done extensive outreach with our various visitor groups, elected officials, and other interest groups," added Hansen. "Our constituents understand BLM's fiscal constraints and the need to initiate a fee demo project to maintain the quality of the recreational experience at Dumont Dunes."

For more information on the pilot fee demonstration program at Dumont Dunes, contact Mike Ahrens, BLM Barstow Field Office, (760) 252-6000 or email: [email protected].


California Desert District Office
22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, Ca
(909) 697-5200

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In an effort to meet increasing demands for services and facility improvements,
They always say this crap. Who exactly is demanding services and facilities? Is it the OHMV community or the BLM? What a scam in my mind. Land use fees are just another way to tax the people. It's just not right, especially when the environmentalist groupies in charge of the collected funds hold them hostage. How much of the funds are really returned and used for the stated purpose?

It starts off low like $20; next season will be $25 and then $30. It never stops and these so-called pilot projects are always permanent. If big government is going to charge for public land use, then all public land should be a "pay to play" or "Pay to walk" or "Pay to swim" fee based system. Seriously, why should we have to pay to ride on open desert terrain when all other parks, beaches, walking trails and forest areas are free? No, I don't want everyone to pay to use public land. My point is...... Land usage fees are the direction big government is heading, soon you will have to pay a fee to use the local park.

Wife Jane takes son Tarzan Jr. to the local park to play on the jungle gym. At the gate a BLM official asking for her pass meets her. Jane rummages through her purse and produces a $50 yearly pass. Meanwhile, little Tarzan Jr. runs for the jungle gym and begins to climb and swing happily. Soon a crowd of little Tarzan type monkeys joins in, all racing each other to the top of the jungle gym. All of a sudden the local BLM Gestapo spring out of nowhere. Wearing full riot gear they disperse the crowd of angry juvenile monkeys. Tarzan Jr. leads the group to a new play set only to find that he and his kind are hunted down and told to leave the area. A curfew is then set closing all jungle gyms from after school until sunset. Mean while Jane is fighting off the rabid environmentalist who want to close the park down due to the endangered park squirrels that live near by. The park squirrels however are perfectly content with their current arrangement and seem to be prospering in their environment perfectly. After hearing about the local monkeys the environmentalist switch tactics quickly producing a study that clearly shows the on going existence of these monkeys is uncertain if the parks are left open. BLM closes 90% of the park down for the next three years to study the situation. Local families cry foul play and point fingers at the environmentalist junk science, which claims that park monkeys exist when in fact they are nothing more then local children. BLM realizes the environmentalist have pulled a fast one over their eyes and moves to open the previously closed areas. Unfortunately a paid off judge decides that park monkeys should be studied closer and orders the lands to remain closed. The irony is, that because the land is closed the so called “park monkeys” went extinct. Big government then decides to close the parks down permanently until park monkeys can be raised in captivity and reintroduced into the wild.

How many park passes or "land use" passes must we buy every year? Let's see, wintertime I need one for Glamis/Butter Cup and another one for Dumont maybe. What about summer time fun? Now another set of land use passes have to be purchased to go rock climbing or hiking in any of the national forest. Next my bathroom will be declared an off highway recreational area. I will then have to buy a pass just to blow mud. Wonder what the curfew will be for my toilet?

Oh crap, (no pun intended) hear I go again. I'll shut up now. Sorry, if anyone actually read through my spewing post.
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