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2021 yfz450
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Hi guys,

i was hoping i can get some suggestions on what vortex settings i should run

i have the 2021 yfz450
Mods :
Yoshi rs2 full system
Fci intake
Hotrot crank
Athena stock bore cylinder
Cp 12.5.1 high compress piston
Stage 2 cams
Ais delete
Oil return tank

so lately i destoryed the crack bearing and not sure what happend there .. i was cruising around when it happend ..
The pump gas we have is around 91 octane

what settings should i run on the vortex ..?
Thanks in advanced

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Yo man thanks for your reply,

i will give it a try .. i was running 8-667 witch was running great .. no problem just not sure if that caused my crankbearing to explode ..?
I doubt the fuel settings had anything to do with the crank bearing exploding. How often did you change the oil? I normally changed mine after every 1-2 tanks of fuel or quicker if I knocked on the rev limiter multiple times in a day.
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