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Battle Of The Bikes

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so there is a very healthy friendly battle constantly with one of my buddies. we both have 04 450's his is the trx while i have my yfz. i did a little spy work and found out hes putting a 471 hot rod crank in his.. he has the hrc kit ( cam intake spark arrestor) he doesnt plan on doing carb work or head work. just the big bore and change his bearings.. while mine is currently torn down and is about to be rebuilt. i'm running the true 450 crank cp 13.5:1 engine ported carb bored to 41 pro design w/k&n cam mod and full hmf.. what does it look like as far as whos will be faster/better??

heres some pics for your viewing pleasure of me and him

him (the one break dancing on the ice)

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