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This front end is about a year old and only used twice on practice days. It is like buying new parts as the arms and shocks are not scratched or dinged from roost. I went with the best parts- LT Fox Float Evol with Kashima coating built specifically to match the +3 Laegers LT arms with both caster and camber adjustment. I also splurged on roller bearings for the a arm pivots instead of the bushings.

I have had several front ends on my YFZ's and this has by far been the best. The +3 arms are much better since they make the front of the quad wider than the rear which greatly improves handling. The caster adjustment has allowed me to fine tune the turning characteristics of the quad as well.

Sale includes everything that came with these parts new: manual and pump for shocks, caster adjustment inserts for a arms, chrome tie rods, ball joints, and will come in the original boxes. $1,600 shipped. Rear shock with Walsh LT linkage available too for $600 or contact me for a package deal if you want both. Thanks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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