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Axle Bearings

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How do i know if i need new ones?
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If you have play in your axle or if it doesn't rotate smoothly.
I just check mine it has around .25 inches of play in it. what should i do? or is this normal?
side to side play? or wiggling play?

side to side play might mean you just need to tighten up the axle nut a little, anything else is probably bearing related.
that is not normal, slap in a set of bearings. maybe someone has other ideas, but thats what i would put my money on.
If you can sit the rear end up off the ground and go to the rear of the quad and grab both the wheels and move them side to side then in most cases its your bearings. But in the o4-o5 swinger it will also do that if you carrier and chain adjuster bolts are loose.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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