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Anyone Duned It Up In The Sahara?

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Just wondering if anyone has ravaged the dunes in the Sahara or some other MASSIVE dune section where you wouldnt find a single track! I wanna if it was cooler!
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I dune and live about 40 miles from Little Sahara Utah dunes. Sand Mountain the biggest sand hill (800' high and steep) is fun, but if you ride off into the big bowls in the surrounding 1000's of acres you will find unridden sand. We have experienced this many times, and it is great fun to be the first one on them. As smooth as hell.
I think he's talking about 'The' Sahara, as in, that huge-ass area of sand in the smack-dab middle of Africa.
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lol.......I am so lost!! :mhihi:[/b]

I can tell you are, I am sorry but everyone SHOULD know where the Sahara Desert is!
I've thought about it... If i get rich I'm going to get a helicopter to fly me out and go back and get fuel every hour or so. Its a dream, imagine how big some of the hills are there!!!
Yeah, I figured he might be talking about the Sahara Desert but I have experienced virgin sand at Little Sahara Utah. And being the first one on it (the sand-LOL) is a real treat!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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