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Team Industries - Firestick High Performance Axle -$300 USD shipped
brand new, never been used, i opened the box checked it out decided i wanted a different one, there isnt any marks on it, stock spline pattern, comes with everything seen in the pictures (0 to +3 axle, 2 axle nuts, 2 1"spacers, 2 2" spacers, 2 cotter pins) will ship in original box

Team Industries - Billet Rear Hubs $100 USD shipped
brand new, never been used, boxes only opened to check contents, 4x115 bolt pattern *not a stock spline pattern* *will not fit stock axles* from what i know they will only fit team industries competition axle they have their own spline pattern on those axles, will not fit axle for sale above, will ship in original boxes, 1 pairs available. SOLD ONE PAIR ALREADY

team industries makes 3 different axles

firestick heavy duty axle
firestick high performance axle
firestick competition axle

the first one being the cheapest and the last being most expencive
the axle im selling is the mid grade one and the hubs fit the most expencive one

any questions just ask

paypal is preferable
located in alberta
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