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Aftermarket Bolts

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anyone know where i can get some or a kit of aftermarket bolts.
or anything stronger than oem bolts.
thanx jr
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i would think that there would be some on ebay, but i think that the oem bolt break for a reason.. if the bolts dont break.. then something else IS!
rockymountainatv.com has a 236 piece bolt kit for like 39.99. i have it on order but it seems to have most the bolts we would use along with rivets washers and other items.
I just purchased 2 stainless kits from 2 different vendors. Motorsporst fastners has an amazing kit this is the guy to buy from. The other kit was from alloyboltz.com and it was junk crap missing, bolts to long etc and he wont do any thing about it.
Cool thanx guys. ill check those out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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