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Well I have been riding in the same dune area for the last 10 - 12 years...and they are cracking down on sound and the more peeps break the law the more land they take from us ...I just want to do my part of saving what is left of the riding area

IM looking for after market full system that keeps sound at or below 93 db's but still puts out more power than the trusty black stock can..any ideas??

C T claims thier pipe with 6 disks is at 93 DB's and puts out more power than any full system on the market.

HMF well they are doing new things with their queit core and if you have read my post I dont think they will get around to a answer soon....



Duncan racing?? claims to reduce sound of thier pipe by 2-3 db's what does it start with??

Does any one know the RPM range they test at on the yfz450??

thanks for the help
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