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Hey there I'm new to this community and actually just bought my first quad last week, so any advice would be much appreciated! I just came back from a dune trip to the Sand Lake Dunes in Oregon and purchased a 2006 YFZ 450 (bill ballance edition) just so that I could ride with my friends and not have to ask for their toys. Well, what looked like a perfect buy has turned into no fun.

As we were leaving to the dunes, my quad is on the trailer, it's fully turned off, and the key is in my pocket but as we are entering to pick up another friend we can hear my quad trying to start! But like I said it's fully off and nobody is on it. My battery got drained in this process and we are all clueless why this all happened. We hooked it up to jumper cables and were able to get it to start but due to time constraints shut it off. I didn't use it at the dunes so that sucked but planning another trip so hopefully can fix it up in time.

My question(s):
Since we were able to get it to start, I assume the problem would be the starter? Would the fix be by replacing the Starter Relay? Has anyone had this issue in the past?

I would love your guy's advice!
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