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Adjusting Suspension

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what's the easiest way to tighten your suspension on the rear stock shock on a 05 YFZ? I don't have the wrench either.
let me know
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Remove the seat and air box first. Take a punch and hammer and use them toloosen the top ring on the shock. Loosen or tighten the second ring to your preference, then re tighten the top ring. They make a spanner wrench for this, but a large pair of channel locks work quite well!
+1 for above ^^^ - i use a hammer and an old flatblade screwdriver. channel locks work really good, but only if you have room to get them in there.
if you cant getr in there take the rear shock off :loser:
what do you mean by tighten? if your just trying to make it stiff, just turn the flat head screw on the top of the reservoir, if your trying to raise the rear end, then you have to tighten the nuts on top of the spring like mentioned above.
well since he was talking about the wrench i think he means adjusting ride height, not comp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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