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i need some aarms for standard travel shocks, my 08 arms are raped
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what you do? just curious, lol. tree?
i hav no clue acutually its just got a dent in it, no bend or anything just a dent
sounds raped, lol. i hate it when you dont know what happened. and i hate it when people jack yo threads, so ill stop now :icon_bolt:
haha its kool, i dont care
my frend got a dent in his from wheelying then when he dropped it down it cased out on a rock. But a toonie sized dent.

I guess you guys dont know what a toonie is lol
probably a boulder im guessing... still need some arms
i got some used 07 blue ones for $150 plus shipping
another $25 for the tie-rods

let me know if your interested
replied anyone else
I have a stock set for $100 shipped if your interested email me at [email protected]
i got a set..one arm has a dent in it though...stock....55 shipped
is the left side good, pics?
yes left side is good
bump aftermarket front ends welcome, if ya wanna trade for my board, or helmet cam. shocks are also a plus.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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