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A-arms Recieved Today From A Seller Of This Forum, What Do You Think?

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problem solved. thanks
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arm 3 looks a lil bent...
Yeah the balljoint stuck appears bent in the 3rd picture.
What type of a-arms? If you paid 190 for them, a set of ball joints isnt but like 40 bucks. So basically you paid 230. You get what you paid for really, not trying to be a dick. If the seller said there was nothing wrong with them, then thats pretty w00terty and just post a complaint in the feedback topic. If he told u they needed new joints, then i cant see the problem.
They're junk. The best thing you could do is run a die over them and see if they'll clean up or cross tread to get a nut on there. Take a file and a Dremel and put a bigger chamfer on them, to get the die to start.

May I ask how much did you paid for these?
These are the arms you purchased

looks like they had a nut threaded on them in this pic
i dont want them lol just trying to get everyones side. PIPO should be around soon to defend himself. He seems to be a good guy from what ive seen him post around here. So I will give him a chance to defend himself. If he makes it right then all is good
That sucks man, hope all works out.
I think you should tell him you are sending them back and you want your money back. I would also make him pay for the shipping if he didn't accurately describe to you what you were buying. Looks like you might of got screwed.
On the original post it says "Ball joints in good condition". That is B.S.
I think he should refund you for new ball joints.
maybe PIPO agrees give him a chance to make it right
QUOTE (Stix1107 @ Mar 23 2009, 09:02 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=761354
maybe PIPO agrees give him a chance to make it right[/b]
I don't want to start ragging on the guy until he defends himself, but he does say that everything is good. If he was lying that is really messed up.
If he paid for new balljoints AND for someone to install them, I think it would be a wash. Still, you didn't pay bottom dollar for stock A-arms so an apology would also be warranted. 190 is not far off what aftermarket standard travels are going for in here used.
Those balljoint studs are smashed from hammering them upon removal. I had one lower balljoint smash like that.

If I was to sell the arms I would make this known to the buyer, thats shady to say there in "good condition".
i dont want to get more crap started, but the ball joints in the upper a arms are NOT replaceable, you mentioned 3 ball joints, you can only replace 2.

to me, they look like they were beaten out, which is common, there really isnt a good way to remove them. i would talk to the guy, i know your furious right now, but a calm attitude can get more done then jumping in head first into a internet war, pick your battles, there is a time for confrontation, and it isnt yet.
You are 100% right leveldrummer.

I gotta admit that I'm pretty embarrassed, but you are definitely leaving a few things out and twisting some others. They do look worse than what they really are. But I'm 100% sure that the thread is just fine because that I did check.

"Stud, paypal, pics...what you gonna do about that?" That's all I got from your call last night, I was OUT!, and I thought I replied with "sent me pics and we'll talk tomorrow" You forgot you are in WA and I'm in NC! There is time difference man.

FULL refund was sent as requested!
Just sent some more $$$ for the shipping, for a total of $205.
QUOTE (Stix1107 @ Mar 23 2009, 11:34 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=761318
These are the arms you purchased

looks like they had a nut threaded on them in this pic[/b]
I wish I could say "it's all good dude", but it is not. My name is already blemished by this unfair topic.

For the record these are the a-arms he received after painted by a local shop.

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You should have PMed PIPO before calling him out in a thread. I know you didnt post his name but on this small of a forum its not hard to figure things out when you post pics of what you bought.

PIPO good job on sending the refund even after being called out.
IMO PIPO redeemed himself very maturely and didnt freak out or start name calling which was impressive. Next time i would deffinitely suggest taking it up through PM's first instead of starting a thread. Give someone a chance most of the time they are willing to work with you. I got sold beadlocks that said " yamaha bolt patter, will fit yfz or raptor" and when i got them they didnt. So i emailed him and he was more than happy to refund my money for the mistake. Its nice to see that not everyone online is a trying to scam people.
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