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92 Eclipse Gst Trade For Yfz450 Or Yfz Aftermarket Parts

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trying to trade this car for a yfz450 or some yfz450 aftermarket parts example yfz motor aftermarket front end axels etc.. list to me what you have and ill get back to, car does not come with motor yet comes with everything else just has different rims and different taillights on it now
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just helping out, but i would post recent pics some buyer or trader has an idea
Just curious, what mods are done to the car?
hmm i've built many of these..what's done to it and why does it have a 90/91 front clip on it?
hey guys i listed this for a friend who is also trying t o build a yfz just like me ill get full list of mods and questions answered for you asap....from what i do know the only thing that it doesn't come with it the motor but it comes with full interior, trans stock tires and rims might even come with front mount and some other odds and ends, as far as the front clip im not really sure i dont know anything about these cars but i will find out for you sorry for posting without much information but really i was just checking interest but i will get further info today.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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