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92 Eclipse Gst Trade For Yfz450 Or Yfz Aftermarket Parts

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trying to trade this car for a yfz450 or some yfz450 aftermarket parts example yfz motor aftermarket front end axels etc.. list to me what you have and ill get back to, car does not come with motor yet comes with everything else just has different rims and different taillights on it now
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what's done to it? and if it's a 92 why does it have a 90/91 clip and what's the build date? does it have the "big brakes" and a 6 bolt?
hey whats up yea ill get more information about the car posted up today. My friend and i are both building yfzs so he wanted me to post this up for him. Ill have more pics and everything included today. That picture is really old
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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