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4.4 Mill Crank Question

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I noticed that the 3mill crank I ordered, turns out to be a 4.4 mill crank for my year 2005 will this be an issue as far as clearance with a wisco piston? The wisco is 13:1.
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there's a 1.4mm difference in the cranks from 04-05 vs. 06 & up. the result is the same - 470 cc machine. the clearance will depend on what cylinder you use. if you use OEM then you should be fine. When you use shorter than OEM jugs like Athena then there are issues. it is always good to check your clearances and deck height, but you should be fine.

i have also heard from several people that it is advised to have the stroker crank balanced, trued, and welded. apparently the Hotrods crank is known for not being a perfectly balanced setup. i'm building a 522 with this crank and mine is going to crankworks for balancing. you can take that for what it's worth.

here's a good link to help you out with clearances.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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