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3rd Gear In/out While Riding

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well, my last race, in oct, the last moto, i lost 3rd gear. Heres what it was doing when i rode it afterwards. It would catch, slip,catch,slip,etc...... like it was missing some teeth of a gear....

well, i pulled the motor, dropped it off with my motor guy, finally got to putting it in, first ride down the rode, same thing, as soon as i get to 3rd gear, just putting around, its in/out. He replaced a couple of the gears, shift forks, but didnt fix it. He told me to bring my whole bike back, and he will get on it.

Has this ever happened to anyone? if so, please chime in, so i can maybe help him out. This guy works on 90% hondas, 10% other bikes.
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shift drum? Shift star?
ill get a parts list of what he changed, its brand new clutch, chain/sprockets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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