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I have a 16r and am looking to upgrade my cams. I read a bunch of threads on here and I was curious if any new products have came out that are superior. I’m aware of mmad cams, hotcams, web cams, bnr etc. but I don’t want to blow $500 just to say I have a specific brand.

I purchased an 08yz intake cam and a 09yfz exhaust cam. Is this still a decent set up or has someone came up with a superior combination that justifies the cost? Thoughts? I will eventually get porting/increase the compression with a CP piston.

  • Big Core Monster Pipe
  • Vortex ECU
  • FCI Intake w/high performance box
  • 09 OEM exhaust cam
  • 08 Yz450f intake cam
  • RP Race 45mm Throttle Body
  • 38 Motorsports breather box
  • ASV F4 Clutch/Break Levers
  • ODI Rogue lock-on Grips (130mm)
  • Renthal sprockets 14/38
  • DID E20 ERT3 Gold/Gold Racing Chain
  • Campbell Innovations Sprocket guard
  • Glann innovations case saver
  • E brake block of plate
  • 38 Motorsports speed censor block off plate
  • 38 Motorsports AIS Delete kit
  • FourWerx Carbon fiber frame guard set
  • LS4 Safety Warning Deletes
  • Black OEM side covers
  • CV4 Hoses
  • CV4 2.0 Radiator Cap
  • WC Engine Timing Plugs
  • WC Oil Filler Plug
  • Peak Performance AIS Cap
  • WC Brake Master Cover
  • JLS oil cover (M)
  • Skat track extremes/mohawks
  • FourWerx custom seat
  • TM Design Works drain plug
  • GYTR Shock Covers
  • Fasst Company Rear brake clevis/return spring
  • TM Designworks Chain Slider
  • Tusk Oil filter cover
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