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Hi guys , i've read info on the site about swaping betwin the carb's and the improvment gain'd from it , i have on my atv yoshimura RS2 slip on and EHS Racing lid ( oem lid with outwears ). 170 main , 50 pilot.

the problem is when am in high rpm above 3'rd gear i have like annoying stuttering , its dont seem like i hit the rev limiter but i might be wrong. but i feel its like missing gas or problem with the ignition ( have new cr8eix ).

now i read that CV carb's dosent work good with air box lid off ( like ehs racing ) and FCR carb's can wake up the quad from the sleepy BSR Mikuni.

we dont have older 04-08 yfz in my country so its problem.

so my Q is if any CRF , YZF , OUTLAW \ KTM 525 FCR carbs can work with my quad? and which modification i need to do?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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