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2009 Yamaha Yfz450r For Sale

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:shocker: :shocker: Hey guys! I have a brand new 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R for sale. I rode it 3 times here in the last 2 weeks and I just dont use it enough like I thought I would. Here's a list of what I have on it.

GYTR Full Exhaust
Power Commander
Black ASV Levers
Black Pro Taper Bars
GYTR Heel Guards Black
GYTR Nerfs in Black with Blue Nets
GYTR Black front grab bar
GYTR Black rear grab bar
GYTR Air Filter
GYTR Foam Filter too!
3 sets of tires and wheels for it as well

If anybody is interested contact me at 920-843-1771 or email me at [email protected]

The wheels I have for it are as follows, Stock wheels and tires, Full set of ice tires, fronts are holeshot mxr6's with studd and the rears are cheng shin's with studds. Then the 3rd set is hyper carbon wheels with quadcross tires on them, with blue bead lockers, w00terers are sweet. :shocker:
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I will email anybody pics just let me know what the email address is! Help me out I wanna sport bike so I wanna get rid of this quad!!!
PM me your asking price. Very Interested!!

Sorry didn't see the price. Does that include everything?
everything but the top end :p
yea it comes with everything dude! check out the yfz450r general discussion, and see what i wrote there and the dyno numbers.
hey guys im new here but check out my about me part of my profile. I got a 2009 yama dogg yfz450r. I got some impressive numbers that are unbeatable i think. my quad was dynoed by janssenn motorsports in Kaukauna, WI, with just the full system GYTR it dynoed at 47 hp, with 31ft lbs torque. Then I got a power commander on it and I got 49hp and 33ft lbs of torque. If anybody wants the print out on that I will post it if I have too! LOL! Anyways I have 3 tanks of gas through it and I wanna sell it. I will make a list on the classifieds for you guys its pretty sweet
only ridden 3 times dude and it still comes with factory warranty so top end my ass dude.
its was a joke, my bad :p

nice send pics to [email protected] il trow em up for ya
Please send pics to [email protected]
quad is sold thanks for the help anyway guys. i didnt mean to sound like a dick but you know how it goes with some people on here.

I was about to bring this to the table!

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