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2008 YFZ450 - MX Setup - New Owner

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First off, glad to be here and thanks in advance for any advice or direction!

I just picked up my first YFZ450, it's a 2008 Yamaha Blue. I bought it from the original owner, bone stock except for Pro Armor Nerf Bars; low hours. I've been riding Raptors since 02' and with my recent Raptor 14', went Turbo. So, I'm retiring the Raptor from the Hare Scrambles & MX Track races. It's now strictly my Trail/Dune bike.

I'm a little green on setting up a bike purely for MX racing, but this coming year will be diving into every possible event and race I can. So, my post is to ask for some help in direction on equipment. Price is not really a concern, but don't want to get toooooo carried away haha. Below is kind of what I've put together and what I've ordered already. This bike will be strictly MX racing no trails, no dunes, no cruising.

I've already ordered the following:
Dasa Racing Full Exhaust
FCI w/ Box(No Lid) Intake
Jet Kit
Pro Armor Bully Bumper
Pro Armor Pro Race Grab Bar
ITP Baja Wheels (10X5, 3+2 Front)
ITP Baja Wheels (8X8.5, 3+5.5 Rear)
Maxxis Razr MX 20X6R10 Front
Maxxis Razr MX 18X10R8 Rear
XTS 15T Front Sprocket
All Necessary Maintenance Parts

Prospective Parts:
Houser LT +2.25" A-Arms
Fox Float 3 RC2 Evols
RPM Dominator II Axle

My current plan is install everything in the already ordered list first, and get a feel for the bike on the track early 2015. Then before the nice weather hits, have the suspension and other potential mods ordered and ready to go. Also, any ideas on which Main/Pilot Jet to run in Colorado around 5K-9K elevation with the Dasa & FCI? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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That looks like a good start to me. I would throw a precision or ccp stabilizer on there right off the bat before shocks and a arms.
I bet shocks and arms will be on there faster than you think. lol My wife and I have practiced on an 06 YFZ and it was pretty rough landing and pretty narrow for the MX track.
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It's gotta be better than jumping the Tank(700) haha.

I'm thinking bout this combo too:
Houser +1 Stem
Protaper Contour CR High Bend
ODI Lock Ons

Thoughts on those? I'm about 6'1, and initial thought sitting on the 450 is lowwwww.
For jets, get keihin, nothing else. Start at 48 pilot and 170-175 main, then lean it out if needed.

Take a look at DWT or Goldspeed wheels instead of those ITPs.

Flexx Bars are the bee's knees. My wrists never hurt when riding MX. Probably one of my best investments. Yes, it is an investment lol

As for the Fox shocks, some people love them, some don't. They set up easy but an air shock never settled right with me. Give Motowoz a call. They can set you up really well! I have nothing but good things to say about my Motowoz/JB Racing setup. You can buy both through them so the shock is set up perfectly for your weight and that a-arm. Make sure to get the rear shock as well!
Flex bars and stabilizer for sire
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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