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2005 will not idle when warmed up

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I have a 2005 450, stock engine, no cam mod, gytr exhaust, no lid on the box.

2.25 turns
sea level

runs great under load, but after it warms up (which it cranks with no choke at all and idles great for 10 min or so) I have to keep increasing the idle speed until its way too high. Also it will shut down when the clutch is pulled in to coast after getting on it. I ordered a new 48 and 45 pilot to try out.

Just wondering what you guys think.
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Jetting looks pretty close, have you checked the valves to see if they are in spec?
Yes thought the same thing, reshimmed them all to spec. same outcome.
Any other suggestions?
Sounds like you need a new engine to me:lol
Im starting to think that lol
If anybody come across this and is wondering if I got it fixed

A new 45 pilot jet and some tweaking of the a/f screw got it sorted.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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