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I have a 2004 yfz450 Limited Edition which I bought used a about a year and a half ago. It had a new battery when I bought it, and I have bought 3 additional batteries for it. I read about the faulty charging systems in them, so I bought a Ricky Stator for it and had it profesionally installed over the summer. With a brand new battery, the bike started up at the touch of the button for about a week. One day after riding off and on for an hour or so, the battery seemed to not have enough juice to start it, and barely turn it over. I bump started it, rode for an hour or so then shut it down, and it started right up. It would start off the button off and on for about a month or so. The garage that it is stored in is about 50 degrees right now, and for it to start, the battery charger has to be on it. Once it is started, idling, and warm, I tried shutting it off and restarting it, and it barely turns over. I realize that these 450's are cold blooded, but it shouldn't be like this.
I have also always ridden with my lights on. The originals were on it when I bought it, and the right light wouldn't shine when the high beams were on. I replaced them with Tusk lights, and they worked great. After about 2 months of riding, the right high beam again wont shine. I dont know if the battery problem has anything to do with this or not, so i figured I'd include that information.
So, if anybody has any information about what might be wrong, or if there is anything I should check, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you
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