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Hey guys, new to yfzcentral and I just got a 2004 yfz 450. Previous owner had the motor rebuilt apparently, so i had to put some of it together to get it started(motor was dry). Had to connect a couple hoses, fuel tank, add oil, etc. Motor is stock, but it has an aftermarket exhaust (white brothers aluminum pro) and an aftermarket foam filter.

So i got the bike started and i wanted to break the motor in, but I when I try and get my rpms up, the bike seems to bog a little bit in the 1st quarter turn of the throttle (twist throttle). It also back fires a lot. And the head pipe has a pretty bright glow to it.

My question is, do I need to rejet the bike or is there something I'm missing that the bike seems to bog and backfire so much?

Sorry, I am new here and don't know where to post or how to post as a matter of fact. Help would be really appreciated. I love this forum already, found a lot of info to help me get this bike started.:icon_biggrin:
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