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I am looking to sell my stock OEM Crankshaft, Cylinder, and Piston from my 2004 YFZ 450. As far as I know everything is off of a 2004, I have owned it for almost 4 years now with no engine issues. I have not put very many hours on it at all in the time i've owned it but I am not aware of how much use it had before I got it. Everything came off my quad when it ran, I tore down to do a rebuild and went big bore with a 06'+ crank so I have no use for my old parts now. If you want more pics or questions feel free to ask. If they don't sell here in a week or so they will go on ebay. Items will ship from WI 54009. I will try to update soon with a pic of the piston. I am asking $160 shipped to the US48 for everything. If you would like something individually make me a offer. Thanks. For quicker response text 651-621-0963.

Please note I have not cleaned any of the parts. That is how they came off when I disassembled the motor. All I did was apply a light coating of oil to prevent corrosion.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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