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2001 Blaster

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Friend just baught a 01 Blaster. Runs and idles, but it bogs when you give it throttle.

My first thought was a dirty carb. Pulled the carb, cleaned it, put it back on. Same thing. Covered the air box up a bit (open air box with K&N), didn't help. Checked the stator and all the electrical and everything looked alright. Pulled the spark plug and immediately noticed it was wet. Cleaned it up and kicked the bike over with it out - had spark but that means very little. So I'm thinking it's a faulty plug.

Any help would be appreciated.
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let us know what u find out ive had my fair share of problems with blaster imay be able to help
bypass the tors
I looked for the TORS switch but couldn't locate it. Do you have a diagram or a tutorial you could throw my way to help me locate and bypass it?
it could also be the sensor in the parking brake, make sure that it is adjusted right that same thing happened to my friends. it took a week to figure it out and there wasn't anything in his manual about any sensor there.
I had this EXACT problem with my blaster. I replaced the spark plug and everything was fine. dont remove TORS unless you want to. It turned out to be a wet plug
Thanks for the replies. I have yet to find a TORS switch on this thing so I have no idea if it's already been disconnected or what have you. But the plug was wet and we're going to pull the oil tank off tomorrow and plug the line - going to be mixing the fuel ourselves since we heard those pumps go out sometimes.

Also, do these carbs have slides in them? When I pulled the carb off, there wasn't anything in it - just the needle, no slide or anything. Seemed off to be but I doubt it would idle if it weren't designed like that. Any info would be appreciated and thanks again.
the TORS is a little plug that is on the back of your carbuerator. it hooks directly up to the wiring harness. I bypassed mine and didnt improve so i switched it back to normal. runs fine here
I had the same idle problem on the Blaster and fixed it.

TORS is the Throttle Overide System and it's a BS system!
Though it causes more problems than it's worth it hasn't failed my kids Blaster yet but I did remove it from the Banshee.
It's a horrible Yamaha idea!

The TORS brain is under the front plastic, it's a little black box.
Remove it and drop a sledge hammer on it! You also have to disconect it from the carb!
Also have to disconect it from the throttle housing!

Yes these Blaster Carbs have a slide.. Is the needle just bottomed in the carb bowl or something?
I have a spare 26mm slide you can use for it if needed.
Maybe the throttle cable is binding somewhere and slide is stuck wide open so all you see is the needle?

I really don't like those K&N filters made for the Blaster airbox! I swear by K&N's on the Banshee but not on the Blaster.
I just think it's too small. I tossed the K&N filter it came with, installed a Uni Foam filter with the stock cage under it and whallah..
Fires up just fine and idles all day long!
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