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1st Time On The Track

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Well, last thursday, i skipped school to go with some of my buddies to a indoor track around here, ( since its so cold in ohio) and this was my 1st ever time being on a track, but i kept and eventaually(sp) passed my friends who used to race 250rs in the AMA. =]

but the track lay out was a straight away in to a double then single out, berm, 2 lines in the rythm section including a step on step off, berm, in to a 65-70 foot double, BIG berm, into a single, into 2 lines, inside was a tight narrow section of whoops, and the out side was a big sweeping turn into two 15 foot table tops, both bottle necked into to a HUGE berm, which led to the 65-70 foot table, then into another huge berm, which allowed you to triple over the double, single.

there were some REALLY amazing dirtbike rider's there( who put up a lap time of 30 sec. flat) and 3 amazing quad riders ( excluding our selves :mhihi: ) who rode tricked out 450r, and the other was a BADASS yfz, i didnt catch his name but his ride sported full PEP suspension, laguer (sp) frame,a-arms,swing arm, with a axle, and motor work by baldwin. it was awesome. but the funny thing is, when he got on the track.. my basicly stock yfz was right behind him the whole time. ( my friend on thr LTR and i, put in a 32 second lap time!)

any way enough chit chat.. here;s the pics.. every one allways want YOU to film THEM.. never the other way around. haha

<-- great camera man! :strokin:

so, i think i did pretttty good for my 1st time on a track. =]
thanks yall!

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Damn I'd love to go to Earlywines. :icon_frown:
that place looks like fun how much is it to ride in a place like that?
I really like riding up there in the winter, it's a little over an hour from me. It is a workout. The jumps aren't huge, but it comes at you fast. It sounds like they've changed it around a little since the last time I was there. 32 secs is good lap time on a quad, especially first time out. Is there still that little hump in the turn after the rhythym section that pops you up?
That does look like a really nice place, I want to go.
well, i shoulda just bought the damn membership card or w.e for 40, but it was 30 bucks to ride there. 40 woulda got me for a whole year.. for free.

and Ski213, yes.lol. they still have that little finish line hump. it's kinda weird, once you get going in your slide during the turn, that hump pops up, and kinda wants to throw you off. lol.
that track looks sweet, wish i live near you.
good shots man, what town is earlywine in?? the only indoor track we have around here just closed there doors to quads. anyways, looks like a really fun track.
earlywine is in the town of maysville kentucky. accutaly, its kinda ironic. about.. 15 minutes or so up the road, there's a 4000 acre riding park called big rock.lol.
makes me wish we had tracks in Kuwait :bawling:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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