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1st Gear Problems

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Hey all. I have an '06. I have read all the threads on "sticking gears" but, none of them seem to really describe my problem. I have been having a problem shifting for some time now. When I am shifting to neutral to first while sitting still and starting out, the transmission won't "click" in. Even with mashing down on the lever. However most of the time if I let out on the clutch handle slowly while trying to shift and it will click in. Most of the time when this happens I can shift into second but not first. Also on occasion it will miss shift when going from first to second and second to third pulling the clutch in but rolling at speed. This might be considered the "sticky gear" problem? Originally it didn't do this from the showroom, shifted nicely and solidly. Any ideas on what it could be? I am gonna tear into it and want to know what to look for? Thanks in advance.
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